Doug Ring  drums / vocals / percussion

Steve King  bass / vocals

Michael Spaziani  guitar 

Mike Racioppa  organ / piano / misc. keyboards / production   John King  guitar

​Burke Carroll  pedal steel / lap steel / vocals

Darcy Wickham vocals / acoustic guitar

LJ Folk  vocals

Danny Brooks  vocals

Dennis Dineen  vocals

Kimberlee Aaron  vocals

Denis Keldie  accordion / mandolin / organ on Help The Poor

 About The Studio

 Madhouse Studios, located north of Toronto in a town called Collingwood, is a recording facility that specializes in “alternative” electronic organs.   The vintage organs presently found in the Madhouse “Organ Bank” consist of those that I’ve collected over the years: the Lowrey Festival Console (Model FL, tube organ), Lowrey Celebration Console,  Lowrey H25-2 Console ( solid-state), Gibson G-101(60s combo organ), Fender Contempo (60s combo organ) and a Yamaha YC-30 (60s combo organ).

    This collection of organs, specializing in Lowreys, allows a producer to explore a vast array of organ sounds found on some of the great recordings from the Sixties and Seventies.  Two of the models that Garth Hudson used in The Band are part of this collection and have some of the “mods” that he had done to his.

“My Guitar Gently Weeps” “Born To Be Wild” “96 Tears” “Baba O Riley”   “Won’t Get Fooled Again”  “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and of course, the entire Band catalogue are just some of the recordings that used a  Lowrey organ. With this collection, a producer will be able to explore sounds suitable for any genre plus offer them a viable alternative to the ubiquitous Hammond B3.  A note of interest, the Madhouse Studios’ Lowrey Festival organ was the actual one played by Garth Hudson in the Daniel Lanois documentary/album, Here Is, What Is.

    The studio has a 147 Leslie, a 145 Leslie and a rare Leslie 103 as well as a variety of keyboard and guitar amps.   The organs can be played through a Leslie, an amp or both at the same time which can produce some interesting results.

A lot of producers and bands nowadays use laptops to do “on site” or “field” recordings.  At this facility, there’s a Tascam FW 1884 digital mixing console in which your laptop can be “firewired” directly into.  For those interested in recording bedtracks, there’s also a nice sounding Tama Superstar drum kit made in the 80s (not to be confused with the cheaper version sold now with the same moniker). The studio has a wide variety of microphones (Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure) for the many different situations and applications that may arise.

     Denis Keldie, a popular Toronto session player, sees Madhouse Studios as, “a comfortable project studio and organ depository, for producers and artists looking for sounds that no one else is using.”  The promotional CD, Madhouse Presents King, Ring, Razz and Spaz was produced with the intention of not only showcasing MS’s Organ Bank, but also in capturing the essence and style of the period that these songs originated.

                                                                   - Mike Racioppa (owner/operator)

UAD Precision Maximizer
UAD Plate 140
UAD Precision Limiter UAD LA2A
UAD 1176LN     UAD 1176SE
UAD Fairchild  UAD Dreamverb
UAD Realverb Pro   UAD Pultec
UAD CS-1   UAD Nigel
UAD Cambridge
BIAS Sound Soap 2
Waves Gold
IK Multimedia Guitar Rig
IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX
Antares Auto Tune 3

VST Instruments
Arturia CS-80V
Arturia Minimoog V
Crono X
Reason 3
Korg Legacy
The Grand 2
G Force Oddity
Miroslav Philharmonik
NI Pro-53
NI Elektrik Piano

​Madhouse Studios Promo CD

147 Leslie Speakers 
145  Leslie Speaker
103 Leslie Speaker
Assorted Fender Amps
Yamaha RA-50

Neumann TLM 49
AKG C451B/ST (stereo pair)
AKG C4000B
AKG D112
Sennheiser MD 416-U
Shure SM57 (3)
Shure SM58 (3)

Tama Drums (mid-1980s -5 piece)
Assorted Percussion

  • The Funky Festival5:32
  • Sittin' On The Dock of The Bay4:49
  • Strange Brew3:23
  • The Shape I'm In4:13
  • Daniel and The Sacred Harp4:16
  • Mr. Spaceman3:24
  • Into The Mystic6:16
  • On A Night Like This 4:41
  • Stage Fright3:59
  • All La Glory3:29
  • Help The Poor6:45
  • Teach Your Children2:55
  • She Caught The Katy4:18
  • Hipocrisy6:13
  • Frozen World4:48
  • Too Far Gone3:49

The Musicians

Studio Equipment

TascamFW-1884 Firewire/Audio-Midi Interface
Music XPC C6X
Nuendo 3 Recording Software
Wavelab 6 Mastering Software
TannoyPBM 8 Studio Monitors
LTO HPA6 -6 Channel Headphone Amp
ART TPS II Mic Preamps (2)
ART DPS II Mic Preamp
Bryston 4B Amplifier

The “Organ Bank”
Lowrey FL Organ 
Lowrey H25-2 Organ
Gibson G-101Organ
Fender Contempo Organ
Yamaha YC-30 Organ

Kurzweil PC88 (88 weighted keys)
Roland MKB 300 (76 semi-weighted keys)
Nord Electro 4 (73-key)