papa john king

lj folk

ed ham

billy raponi

michael spaziani

mark racioppa

​​A big fat thanks to all the musicians who played on the recording for without them this wouldn't have been possible

burke carroll

artwork by Steve King

michael racioppa

the band 

​    kimberlee aaron    vocals

ed ham    drums, vocals & guitar

​    steve king    bass & vocals

    michael spaziani    guitar & vocals

    papa john king    guitar

    michael racioppa    keyboards

special guests

    lj folk    vocals

    burke carroll   pedal steel & vocals

    len mccarthy    vocals

    mark racioppa    bass

    billy raponi    percussion

thanks to

    wayne brauer    tech support

    glenn crosse     tech support

    papa john king   mix tweaking

    ed ham   mix tweaking

    ​steve quinn     cat herding

len mccarthy

steve king

kimberlee aaron