• Soaring Free3:49
  • Six Steel Strings 3:21
  • You Don't Talk With Me Anymore3:59
  • The Other Side of The Hill4:14
  • Lesson In Love3:38
  • Distancing3:43
  • Bittersweet4:03
  • Let Me In3:28
  • Canada (The Land of Hope)4:48
  • October Skies3:55
  • We Can Make It Work4:01
  • In Beauty We Walk3:09
  • Then4:39
  • Waiting3:20
  • Three Blind Mice5:15
  • Emptiness3:05
  • Take It Off, Baby4:09
  • Isn't It Silly2:41
  • Party Lights3:47
  • Oh Kael5:09

  • The Big Bang2:04
  • Awenda6:23
  • The Eleventh Ring6:00
  • Trinity5:07
  • Vita 9:32

Vocals  Marek NormanTim Crowley, LJ Folk, Neil Donnell, Mike Milo, Sherree Jaecocke

             Darcy Wickham, Jane Siberry, Cherie Camp, Bryan Matheson, Judy Tate

Drums  Michael Racioppa, Kael Racioppa, Al Cross, Ed Ham, Kevan McKenzie, Bruce MacMillan

Bass     Steve King, Tom Szczesniak, John Switzer, Mark Racioppa

Guitar  Michael Spaziani, Papa John King, James Anthony, Wayne Brauer, Mike (Peppy) Francis

​            Rob Piltch, Andy Krehm, LJ Folk, Steve Briggs

Pedal Steel  Burke Carroll

Flute / Tenor & Soprano Saxophone   Len McCarthy

Piano (on October Skies)   Len McCarthy

Percussion  Michael Perry, Billy Raponi

Keyboards / Orchestration / Arrangements  Michael Racioppa

Combo Instrumentals

Organ Works

  • Aaron5:43
  • (A Man of) Amazing Grace4:18
  • Summer Blue4:46
  • Juniper Hollow6:58
  • Strawberry Moon5:46
  • Somewhere Lies Coba5:11
  • Revolving Doors5:28
  • Razzmeister's Tune3:40
  • Sometime, Somewhere5:50
  • Lyin' In The Shade5:42
  • Over The Hill/ Black Is Black4:41
  • The Quark3:31
  • The Funky Fuzzy Festival 5:31
  • Sum Bukah Tea Suh4:34
  • Hip Checked1:06
  • Searching For Something5:00
  • Clear Blue Sky5:08
  • Hey Bullfrog!3:44
  • Hudson Island5:09
  • Second Sun5:32

Thanks to all the musicians

Synth Music


 Michael Racioppa (Profile)

         Mike is a musician, composer, arranger and producer who has been involved in the music industry in one way or another for the past four decades. He remembers, as a ten-year old kid, being smitten by the sounds emanating from his 10-transistor radio in the early sixties.  He recalls, “In Grade 7, Tim Crowley, Dennis Dineen, Jim Garrett and I formed this group and I was the bongo player.  A year later, I graduated to Magnus Chord organ player.”  About a year after that, Mike bought his first real organ, an Acetone Top-1 which he treasured for a number of years.  Mike then went on to play keyboards with Road Apples in the late sixties/early seventies, Rawnch, Piledriver, and Kitty Rye in the seventies and Jane Siberry, and The Lookouts in the eighties. He later played with some “jobbing bands” in the eighties and nineties.  More recently he played with King, Ring, Razz and Spaz, an amalgam of musicians from the Road Apples and Rawnch days until he moved to Collingwood.
Mike has produced a number of educational, inspirational, and pop/rock recordings over the years and has had the pleasure of working with the following musicians and singers in the studio: his wife, Kim, his sons, Kael and Mark Racioppa, Steve King, Papa John King, Mike Spaziani, Burke Carroll, Ed Ham, Len McCarthy, Dennis Dineen, Ian Wheatley, John Switzer, Larry Folk, Wayne Brauer, Marek Norman, Mike Francis, Rob Piltch, Jake Langley, Andy Krehm, Peter Cardinali,  Tom Szczesniak, , Kevan McKenzie, Al Cross, Doug Ring, Steve Heathcote, Denis Keldie,  Arnie Chycosky, Harvey Kogan, Moe Wozniak, Jane Siberry, David Blamires, D’Arcy Wickham, Danny Brooks, Neil Donnell, Cherie Camp, Sheree Jaecocke, and the dear departed Tim Crowley, "who was my mentor, confidant, musical partner in crime and one of the main reasons I got involved with music in the first place".  More recently, Mike has been involved with recording a young and talented singer/songwriter from Collingwood, Austin McCarthy.

          Mike has composed a wide variety of instrumental pieces ranging from pop/rock to ambient/new age to music for solo organ. He’s also co-written dozens of songs with composer/lyricist, Paul Dick over the years.

Some of the most influential bands and musicians on his playing and composing have been: The Band, Booker T, Traffic, Steely Dan, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Dylan, Randy Newman, Philip Glass, The Beatles, Ray Manzarek, Jon Hassell, Lyle Mays, Jimmy McGriff, and last but certainly not least, the inimitable Garth Hudson.

Mike currently owns and operates Madhouse Studios, a recording facility in Collingwood, Ontario, featuring an array of console, spinet and combo organs, specializing in organ overdubbing.

  • Chapel On The Hill3:39
  • Organ Work One6:57
  • Organ Work Two4:47
  • Organ Work Three6:41
  • Reiterative Organ Work6:01